Peachtree Shared Street

For decades, Peachtree Street functioned as Atlanta’s main street. It served as the center of activity in the city. Why doesn’t it function that way anymore? How can we re-design it to improve private development and enhance public life for a new era? The Peachtree Center segment is a half mile section with great bones. It is a consumable length visually anchored by public spaces on both ends. By transforming this section of Peachtree Street with a shared street design, we can leverage the activity already happening in the surroundings buildings by inviting users to interact with and enjoy the public realm. Shared street design enhances the quality of public life while improving the safety and vibrancy of streets with high levels of pedestrian traffic. It includes curbless (flush) streets, the elimination of surface markings, traffic signs, traffic lights and other control devices. How could this concept work for Peachtree Street?