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Our Team

We are urban planners, architects, arts enthusiasts and community builders that love Atlanta and want to make it known for exceptional design.

Kevin Bacon, Studio Director

No, not the actor. Our Studio’s director, Kevin, has been designing cities for over a decade. From good master planning down to proper sidewalk construction, he brings a designer’s eye to all details. Kevin received his Master of Architecture and Master of City and Regional Planning right here in Atlanta at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He’s been an Atlanta resident since 2000 and currently lives in Kirkwood with his wife and two children. When he’s not in the Studio, Kevin enjoys camping with his family, running through Atlanta’s neighborhoods, and pretending to be a rock star on his guitar.

Bette Maloy, Urban Designer

Bette Maloy is a Urban Planner and Designer at the Atlanta City Studio. She graduated with her Degree in Landscape Architecture from West Virginia University. Bette spent years working as a landscape designer through high school and college, where she cultivated an eye for botanical composition. Prior to joining the Atlanta City Studio in 2018, Bette worked as a designer for both private companies and nonprofit organizations in Atlanta. She grew up in Charleston, West Virginia, which sparked her admiration for human interaction in beautiful natural and planned landscapes. In her spare time she enjoys biking around the city and walking in nature. Bette has lived in Atlanta for 5 years and considers it home.

Vanessa Lira, Urban Designer

Vanessa has been with the Atlanta City Studio since its birth in 2016. She is an urban designer with a Master of Architecture from Georgia Tech, where she also received her undergraduate degree. Go Jackets! She enjoys all things design, from interiors and architecture to cities and fashion. Vanessa attributes her love for cities to spending her childhood in her hometown of Campinas, Brazil. In her spare time, you’ll find her practicing yoga or walking in Midtown.


Simone Heath, Urban Designer

Simone is biased in her love for Atlanta, but she bleeds Kentucky blue (Go CATS!). She suffers from wanderlust, but used it to her advantage; studying landscape architecture, City and Regional Planning and Urban Design all over the world. Having studied in Germany and China, Simone now applies her diverse perspective as urban designer and planner for the City of Atlanta.

Sonia Sequeira, Community Engagement Manager

You know that friend that’s your go-to when you want to try something new and adventurous? That’s Sonia. She’s our community engagement manager and in her spare time loves all things community development, outdoors, cooking and books (and yes, cookbooks, since it knocks out half of those). After getting her Master of Social Work and Master of Public Health from Washington University, she moved to Atlanta and is busy soaking up all of the great things that the city has going on.

Dorian McDuffie, Public Art Project Manager

Dorian’s passion is devoted to the arts in Atlanta.  If she had her way, citizens of and visitors to this great city would not go a block without experiencing the art that is our cultural heartbeat.  As a part of the Office of Design team maybe she can get her wish!  While the administrative side of the arts is her expertise, her desire is to work as closely with the community and artists as possible (think of the song “We Are One.”) As an arts administrator with over 15 years’ experience, she is the recipient of several awards for her work with public art installations and initiatives.  An award she is particularly proud of is the “Women of the Year Award” given to her by Atlanta’s Mayor Shirley Franklin. When not making art happen, Dorian can be found out and about enjoying the fruits of the labors of artists and other arts administrators.